Harp Centre Teachers
The Harp Centre Australia is committed to providing quality teaching to all harp students, regardless of age and ability. We are interested in fostering harp music in Australia in all its diversity and cater to students interested in all and any musical genres. Our teachers focus on providing students with a strong technique that will enable them to best express their individual musical voice.

All our teachers are qualified at a minimum equivalent of Grade 6 or BMus 1st year, many have higher qualifications and have attended our HCA ‘Teach-the-Teacher ‘ classes. Even if you are a beginner or wish to ‘only’ play folk harp, it’s important to start out right, with a solid foundation.

If you have no HCA harp teacher near you, please don’t hesitate to contact us about options for distance lessons. Do be careful to check with your chosen teacher if their qualifications are on harp or only on another instrument, and at what level.

Bermagui (NSW)
Liena Lacey

Alice Giles

Cootamundra (NSW)
Esther Wong

Hannah Lane
Melina van Leeuwen

Rowan Phemister
Owen Torr
Maryanne Tucker