Who are we?

Harp Centre Australia is a not-for-proft organisation which aims to serve harpists in Australia by fostering a strong, dynamic and inclusive harp and music community.


Harp Centre has recently acquired a Troubadour, which is currently being played by Canberra harp student Jacinta. To receive more news, sign up for our newsletter.



  • June Loney, one of Australia’s greatest harpists, passed away on the 15th of June 2016. Read the Sydney Morning Herald’s obituary, written by Clare Dunne, and a tribute by former student and HCA director Alice Giles.


** Note: Our technical difficulties have been resolved, so all emails can now be addressed to info@harpcentre.com.au as per usual. 

Supplying harps, strings, and accessories, our shop sells at a competitive discount to members.

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