The Harp Centre Australia is a non-profit organisation that gives Australians more opportunities to experience the harp and its music.

A word from our founder, Alice Gilesalice colour

I am proud to introduce Harp Centre Australia (HCA), founded in 2009 as a non-profit company.

My vision has been to pull many threads together to foster a strong, dynamic, inclusive and quality community of harpists in Australia. In creating a non-profit organisation we have ensured that support for any aspect of the HCA activities will be supporting this vision.

All purchases of harps, strings and accessories are part of this vision for the harp community, with our members enjoying high quality and discounted rates.  I am happy to also be able to contribute to HCA activities through my annual summer course at Kioloa on the NSW South Coast, and through the regional tours with the Seven Harp Ensemble.

The HCA team was part of the successful bid to bring the World Harp Congress to Sydney in 2014, providing inspiration, opportunities and lasting benefits for Australian harpists. HCA has also obtained an insurance arrangement for our registered members with Anderson Insurance in the USA (only available otherwise to American Harp Society members).

Our Community site is a place for Members to connect, ask questions, and share advice and stories – I especially love the poems. Archives and resources document the latest research by our harpists and other articles of interest.

We look forward to hearing from you, with your visions and dreams for our future.

Alice Giles