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  • October 2018 – Tim Guster
    Interview with Tim Guster, Australian harp maker. How did you start making harps? Accidently. I was going to Peter Kempster’s weekly instrument making, access to his workshop, and he unfortunately […]
  • Essential Gesture
    Essential Gesture Author: Jacinta Dennett URL: http://hdl.handle.net/11343/56356 Abstract: My research into essential gesture has brought together the technique and practices of harp playing and eurythmy. I use Carlos Salzedo’s fundamental harpistic […]
  • Australian Lever Harp Music
    Sometimes finding Australian lever music can be tricky. This page contains a introductory list of lever harp pieces written for all levels by Australian composers. If you know of a […]


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  • Harp Links
    Let us know if you would like to add to this list. General International Harp Archives – Large archives of music and harp information World Harp Congress 2017   Maintenance HarpTech – […]