Sometimes finding Australian lever music can be tricky. This page contains a introductory list of lever harp pieces written for all levels by Australian composers.

If you know of a good piece or composer which is not included here, leave a comment. 

Beaumont, Sally:

2 original solos for harp, “Mystique” and “Kailani” (composed for her student of the same name). Visit Sally’s website for purchase – Sally’s arrangements of popular music are also available from

Baehr, Christina:

Christina has a range of Celtic/Tasmanian inspired music for sale on her website –

Doumany, Mary: 

Mary has several fantastic lever harp suites available. “The Elements” suite (listed in Trinity College syllabus, Grade 7) can be purchased through The “Sojourn Suite” and several stand alone solo pieces can be purchased directly from Mary. Contact:

Howland, Rhondda:

Howland currently 19 original solos for lever harp available, and a CD of her playing most of them. Rhondda is a classroom music teacher with a love of rock, but these creations vary widely in their style – gentle reflections on  Gold Coast natural beauty scenes,  some quasi-Celtic, others more rock/pop-inspired. All are fun to play and challenge the performer to create their own interpretations – music mostly to be played quite freely. Contact:; 045 765 8616


Lawry, Moira

Moira’s books Planxty Harp and Planxty Bach are fun and valuable for teaching and public performance. CDs also available. Contact directly for purchase. Email:


Shih, Cindy

Harp Music for Kids, by Cindy Shih – a step-by-step beginner harp book with  CD of musical accompaniment. An ideal starer book for the young harpistThis book has a lovely backing track to make each song enjoyable. This has a multiple training purpose. Step by step gradually using 1 to 4 fingers i each hand to have a correct hand position. Teaches kids to read music notes. Teaches kids to count the beats. Trains them for listening. This book is also suitable for the adult beginner who has no musical background as their first harp book. Contact Cindy by email:

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