Huw Jones Interview

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As part of compiling an archived footage of harpists who contributed to the development of harp playing in Australia, Harp Centre Australia is looking to extend the conversations archive to include performers and harp makers.

In 2017 Alice Giles recorded a conversation with Huw Jones, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Harpist from 1966 – 1993, at his home in Victoria. Huw Jones contributed greatly to the development of harp playing in Australia. He raised the profile of the harp in Australia, and taught a generation of harpists.Huw Jones started playing the harp when he was about eight years old. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He played for royalty at the age of 12 to the now Queen Elizabeth II. He came to Australia in 1964 to join the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and joined the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in 1966. He appeared on numerous occasions as a soloist with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and performed at the Adelaide Festival. He made several appearances on ABC television as well as British TV.



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