How do members benefit and contribute?

Harp Centre Australia members receive several benefits.

HCA offers competitive prices on string sales, discounted approximately 10% from the RRP (depending on exchange rates). We deal direct with string companies, providing Australian harpists with easy access to overseas brands such as Pirastro, Bow Brand, and Robinsons.

Harp Centre Australia members have free password access to the HCA Vimeo Video Archive page. As part of compiling an archived footage of harpists who contributed to the development of
harp playing in Australia, Harp Centre Australia is looking to extend the conversations archive to include performers and harp makers.

Harp Centre members are provided with access to Anderson Group harp insurance. Designed especially for harps, the policy costs up to half of your current home and contents insurance rate (or other musical instrument insurers) – even after you take into account your HCA membership fees! For more information visit Anderson Insurance – HCA or email

As a member you will have access to Harp Centre’s members forum where you can ask questions, answer questions, and keep up to date with what is happening in the harp world. Please pop in regularly and post a question, provide an answer, an interesting article you have found, or anything harp related!

HCA also offers members discounts to events such as The Kioloa Summer Harp Course and concerts by the Seven Harp Ensemble.

Kioloa course rehersal

Members can also give back to HCA by volunteering to help with our various workshops and concerts, and of course participating yourself in workshops, attending Harp Centre concerts and spreading the word to build our audiences and grow the harp community.

HCA is proud to have organised two National Harp Weekends in Canberra and our team was behind the extraordinary World Harp Congress in Sydney 2014. As a member you will be helping us continue serve and support the harp and harpists in Australia. As a not-for-profit organisation, it is your support which makes our work possible.

So what are you waiting for? Join Harp Centre Australia today!