It can be difficult to know which string to order when one needs replacing, so here are a few tips to help you order the correct string!

To order the right string, you will need to know:

  • whether your harp is a Pedal or Lever harp
  • if you have a particular brand in mind
  • whether the string is gut, wire or nylon
  • which octave the string is in (more info)
  • and which note

It can also be helpful to know the make and model of your harp when talking to Ranji.

Need to know which octave and which note? Middle C is in the 4th octave. This is a good reference point to work from.

If you are still unsure, please contact Ranji


P: 0404 050 146

If you would prefer, please send us a text message with your enquiry, and we will call you back.