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August 14, 2016
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Harp Camp WA 2016

Our second harp annual harp camp was held April 23rd – 25th ANZAC weekend 2016. Under picturesque trees of the foothills in Perth we had 24 full time participants plus extra day visitors. Ages ranged from 11 years – mid seventies. A beautiful group of like minded harp enthusiasts of varying levels. To our great delight we had Alice Giles to conduct Master Classes throughout the whole weekend with the focus on healthy harping. Our teenagers were captivated as Alice took individuals through the steps of acquiring a healthy approach to your harp.

Our own Catherine Ashley complimented these master classes by running a Youth program. Some of the teenagers moved between the two classes. Catherine also ran daily ensemble practises so that we were all prepared by the end of the camp for a polished concert. Catherine chose a wonderfully diverse range of pieces so that all tastes were satisfied. From traditional ensemble pieces to improvisation with the Blues, and experimental sounds on the harp using paper, blue tac and numerous other bits and pieces. The young girls loved having permission to explore their instrument. We had adults who used their harp for their Healing Harp programs and we had those preparing for their final school year Harp performances.

WA harpist Elia Bourgault also attended the camp to perform a guitar harp duo and we were indulged with a 50min repertoire that was a complete delight to listen to.

As one of the organisers of the camp I could note of hoped for a more successful sharing weekend. It was a credit to our relatively new WA Harp Society and challenged us to work as a team to pull the whole event together. We hope to run these camps annually to promote harping in WA to the wider community while supporting those who have embraced this ancient instrument for their own.


Happy Harping

Jane McCabe

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