Salvi “Mia” Lever Harp 34 strings with tuning key

Special one-year purchase plan available to HCA students



Payment structure (all prices in Australian Dollars):


  • Initial Deposit prior to delivering the harp – $1,000
  • 11 monthly payments of $355

(first payment due on the first day of the month following the purchase date – for example if the harp delivery falls on the 16th of the month, first monthly payment is due on the first of the following month)


Total Payment = $4,960


Payment schedule will be specified in an invoice sent to the purchaser.


The harp remains the property of HCA until it is fully paid.


The plan is only available to HCA active students (students who study with qualified HCA teachers). If the plan is entered into in the middle of a study term or during term break, the purchaser will need to pay for the following term lessons in advance.


In the event the that payment plan is not carried out to its completion by the purchaser, or that the monthly payments are delayed, the purchaser will be required to return the harp to a HCA teacher within one week of notification. Interest will be charged on any owed amount if not paid within a period of two weeks from the due date.


In the event the harp needs to be returned prior to the completion of payment, the harp must be returned in the same condition in which it has been delivered, or an extra charge will apply. A condition report will be part of the initial delivery.

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