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August 14, 2016
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August 14, 2016

“The tale of our Troubadour”
by Harp Centre Australia

HCA is delighted to have received a donated Troubadour harp which we have had restored. We are using this harp as a short-term loan to students who may not otherwise be able to play and learn the harp. The harp has been generously donated by a family who no longer used it and felt it could be put to better use.
Adelaide harp maker Tim Guster was able to successfully restore the soundboard and strings to a beautiful playable condition.
The harp is currently on a 6 month loan to Jacinta Zander. Jacinta started learning harp with HCA teacher Alice Giles in February. Jacinta has always wanted to learn the harp but had never imagined it would actually happen – “I come from a family who doesn’t hold music as of much importance – it’s something seen only as entertainment, or something to have in the background. And learning an instrument is the same – it’s seen only as a passtime… I knew I wanted to have music in me though.”

She chose the harp because she imagined it would be an instrument easily able to connect to – and it hasn’t disappointed. Although being nervous to start, and worried about not succeeding, Jacinta has slowly gained confidence in her musical abilities. She has learned that ‘with patience anything can be achieved and that if you focus on something, it changes.’ Jacinta started on a small Andrew Thom harp which she practiced in the garden to the delight of passers-by. This made her realise the organic nature of playing an instrument. She enjoys being able to develop her skills further with the Troubadour, though. It is a better fit for her body size, and has more strings, excitingly opening up a whole new range of repertoire. The greater tension of the Troubadour is also better suited to Jacinta’s ‘muscly’ fingers, allowing her to not worry about plucking the strings. In Jacinta’s words the Troubadour is ‘just beautiful!’. And she even feels confident enough now to invite people over to play for them!

Before:                                                                 After:

Jacinta_IMG_1532                          95dda07b-556d-46eb-9411-b781c304bd12

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