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  • Salvi Mia 34 strings (Mahogany) – $4, 720, pickup price from Yass, NSW.
  • Lyon and Healy Ogden 34 strings (Mahogany) – $6,000, pickup price from Yass, NSW.

All these harps can also be purchased with our ‘purchase plan’. Please see each harp’s listing for more information.

 Salvi MiaMia 34 strings L&H Ogden  Ogden E w legs L&H Troubadour VI      Troubadour VI M


  1. Stefanie Lorimer says:

    Hi again – many thanks for returning my call yesterday. I am interested in purchasing the Ogden harp you have. Could you tell me the difference between the one on priced at $4100 and the one on this page priced at $ 4720 please? I am able to get transport from Yass to the Gold Coast for around $400 with a removalist – is this a good option or do know of a better way to organize this? Many thanks for the help with my questions.
    Kind regards,
    Stefanie Lorimer

    • Arnan Wiesel says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Apologies for the late reply, as the e mail went missing..
      Could you please send further e mails to –

      The difference between the two harps is the sound. The Salvi Mia ($4,720) is brighter in sound.
      The Ogden is rounder in sound and warmer in sound.

      They are both of the same quality – so it is a matter of what sound you are looking for.

      If you would like to organise the shipping yourself that will be fine. The harp does not come in a box, so any removalist will need to pack it very carefully in the car. You will probably need to make sure you get insurance on the moving.
      We can organise the shipping from here with Pack and Send which are very reliable and have the experience in shipping harps with us. It might be slightly more expensive, but I can find out for you if you wish.

      Please let me know how you would like to proceed, and I can organise the invoice to be sent to you.

      Again – apologies for the late reply.

      Best regards


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